Protein fiber yarn

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Soy protein yarn

Soy protein yarn

Ne 20s to Ne 60s

1.67 kg / cone

Undyed cone yarn

Fiber Content:

100% soy protein yarn

soy / cotton  50:50 & 60:40 yarn

soy / viscose  50:50 & 60:40 yarn

soy / modal   50:50 & 60:40 yarn

soy / tencel  50:50 & 60:40 yarn

soy / cashmere  50:50 & 60:40 yarn

soy / polyester  50:50 & 60:40yarn

Yarn features:

Healthy  .  Comfortable.   Eco-friendly

1) excellent soft & smooth feeling like cashmere 

2) good gentle & soft luster like silk 

3) skin friendly because of soy proteins inside contained

4) natural anit-bacterial function 

5) good moisture absorption like cotton 

6) more better wet conduction than cotton 

7)  fine drapability of finished soy fabric 


knitting & weaving fabrics, garments, baby clothes,  underwear,  T-shirts,  towels,  Pajamas,  bedclothes 

What is soy fiber yarn?


       The soy fiber is completely healthy and comfortable. It is eco-friendly fiber come from natural soybean. With bio-engineering technology, the soy globulins are extracted from crushed soybean meal. By grafting and copolymerizing with hydroxy to make protein spinning solution, then the soy fiber will be made from above solution with wet spinning way to produce soy protein yarns.

        There are raw white and bleached white soy fiber and yarns. The raw white is similar to original soybean color, which can be dyed into medium and dark colors with active dyes. The bleached one can be dyed into more colors directly, like light, medium and dark colors.

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